Open-Source application for the creation and management of Mooc courses. 

Create and teach

Weemoc puts a powerful tool at your disposal for the creation and editing of courses in mooc mode with specific roles for different profiles: course creator, editor, teacher, validator, etc.

Thanks to its different scalable modules, wemooc offers: an authoring tool, a monitoring tool so you can find out about students' progress, using data focused on helping you identify potential improvements in courses in order to promote social learning.

Learn and share

Wemooc includes different collaborative tools such as Forums, Q&A, Wiki and Blogs, which may be used according to the design of each course in order to promote social and collaborative learning.

Different motivational systems are included, with a clear focus on promoting digital reputation and social identity, using Karma levels and Badges that allow for the gamification of the achievements attained within the platform.

This project is implemented by Telefónica Digital Education funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 and the European Social Fund.