What is wemooc?

Weemoc is a platform released under an Open Source licence (LGPL) so you may download it and adapt it to your needs. Since it's based on LifeRay, it allows for an easy integration with other components.

Main features:

  • Self-managed, open and massive learning environment
  • It allows for the creation of a course catalogue by subject categories
  • It allows for the creation of five types of activities within the modular structure of a course Resource (video and pdf), Test, p2p Task, Survey and Offline Task
  • It includes collaborative tools such as a forum, blog and wiki for each course
  • It includes communication tools such as mass mailing
  • It includes different types of roles and profiles: course creator, module editor, teacher or instructor, validator and student.


Wemooc allows for the integration of tools or applications created by the Telefónica Learning Services team to promote social and collaborative learning.