Demo area

If you want to get to know the main features of wemooc, you can access our demo version and work with the different profiles made available to you.
With the editor profile, you can access the tool to edit modules and activities within a course we've created for you. From there, you can create modules and include the different types of activities we offer and experiment with the tool's feature to load content within the different types of activities, quickly and easily.


Type of activities:

  1. Resource. These are the course contents. They may be HTML text, videos or embedded documents. It uses Liferay features to display online viewers for the most popular formats.
  2. Tests. Exams with self-grading answers.
  3. P2P tasks. This system allows you to define tasks for students and for other students to grade or assess them. Integrated mailing system with alerts.
  4. Survey. A small survey that allows you to find out student's opinions on a certain subject.
  5. TasksA task is something that students must do and that teachers must grade. This type of activity should be avoided in highly massive courses.


With the student profile, you'll have access to the How to use wemooc course.

Login information

To access as an editor-teacher and edit or create activities within a test course.


Password: editor


To access the demo course on how to use wemooc as a student.


Password: alumno